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crashthejackal's Journal

Crash the Jackal
11 November
I am a Furry, it was the fandom's art that got me interested as a artist, then i fell in love with the suits because they where different and brought back happy child hood memories as watching Loony Toons on Sat. day morning.

I like to play games, watching TV and read a Good book as well as talking to a cute girl when ever they give me the time of day.

I'm single, never married and no kids.

I have two fursona's; Hibi the Dalmatian, the ever playful, full of energy trouble maker; and Crash the Jackal, the serious one who likes to fix the stuff Hibi broke during his play time.
anything once, books, computers, fanticy and scifi, i am a furry, looking girls, never rap, r/cs, the loosers